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Waiting for the Storm - Marie Landry A review copy of this book was given to me by the author to review. All opinions herein are my own and were not influenced by the author in any way.

Guys guys guys!!! I cannot gush enough about this book!

It is so rare for me to find a contemporary read that I love this much. Seriously.

Let me put my one, singular issue up first, because guys there’s so much else that I loved that I really just want to get this issue out of the way: When Charlotte’s sister, Ella, is assaulted by the guy she’s seeing, nothing happens. Yes, Ella and Charlotte grow closer and are able to talk to each other and clear the air, as it were, but I really hate when assault, abuse, or rape are used as a means to an end instead of being dealt with accordingly. Ella seems to have no lasting effects from the assault, and I really wanted to see her deal with it somehow. Assault is no joke--but it’s treated so lightly and is treated as unimportant, when I really wanted a little bit of closure for Ella, even if it’s just her finding her way to being okay again after that.

Okay, so that’s my one issue. Let’s get to the fun stuff, because HOLY COW!

Charlotte and Ezra are so cute together. I loved how their relationship develops--no insta!love, no dragging their feet, nothing. It’s a steady climb from meeting to friendship to relationship. It flows at a really nice pace. Another thing about their relationship that I loved? Charlotte’s world did not revolve around Ezra. Yes, she is eager to see him again, but her whole world doesn’t spin around it. She goes out, spends time with her dad. Spends time at the library. She does things other than wait for Ezra to show up again. Charlotte is an independent person, and I really appreciated that.

I felt so, so bad for Charlotte’s and Ella’s dad. It’s hard to lose someone, but to lose your other half, and what’s worse, to watch that person waste away in front of your eyes? It’s horrible. And sometimes people need help coping. I’m glad that it was touched on in a mature way, and wasn’t just a gross, “oh, move on already” type thing. While the issue was dealt with quickly, it was at least dealt with, and well.

The book read so quickly for me that before I realized, I was done. Landry’s writing flows well, and smoothly. There were a few errors that were probably due to converting the file into something that would work on my Nook (things like weird paragraph breaks in the middle of sentences), but the author had warned me ahead of time for that, so it was all good. I was able to just go with it and finish the book quickly.

Like contemporary? BUY THIS BOOK. Like romance? BUY THIS BOOK. Like YA/new adult in general? BUY THIS BOOK. I can’t recommend this book enough, which makes me squee with happiness because it’s so rare that I find a book like this.

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