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Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie I didn’t like The Cinderella Deal because it took too long for the couple to get together; for this same reason, I loved Bet Me. The entire book was foreplay, and it was written well enough that I didn’t get bored waiting.

I was a little iffy on Min; I couldn’t decide whether she was a little spineless, or if she was just so used to her mother walking all over her, calling her fat, that she just couldn’t stand up for herself all the time. I did like Min, however. Cal, however, was brilliant. He wasn’t over-the-top, and everything he does for Min is an accident, from finding her snow globe to giving her a cat. It seems like their relationship is effortless, except that they both want to remain in denial and refuse to just give in and see where it takes them.

I couldn’t really decide whether I liked her friends. Liza was so anti-men that she seemed surreal, and Bonnie was so caught up in finding a fantasy that she seemed oblivious, sometimes, to the outside world. Bonnie wanted Min to be successful in finding her fantasy, Cal, and Liza was hardcore against it until the end of the novel. Poor Min was caught in between, trying to stay in her land of denial and wanting to ignore everything that told her to go for Cal.

Cynthie and David were excellent villains. Cynthie was a lonely woman, so insistent that her relationship with Cal would last, that she decided to overlook the obvious. She came across as desperate, especially when she continued to resort to psycho-babble in an effort to continue her denial about Min and Cal’s relationship.

David, however, came across as a complete slime ball. He was so interested in winning the bet he made with Cal, he didn’t stop to consider anyone’s feelings. For him, it was a matter of pride.

Overall, I really liked the book. It kept me entertained and wanting more. I wanted nothing more than to see Min and Cal finally get together.

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