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Angelfall  - Susan Ee Delivered! Review to come.


Practically everyone I follow or am friends with that’s read this book loved it (4 or 5 stars). As you can imagine, I went into this with very high expectations. Very, very high. Of course, I’ve noticed that with angel lore, it’s been hit or miss for me, especially in the YA category.

So I was thrilled when this book delivered. Susan Ee’s writing is smooth and flowing, easing from one scene to another, regardless of how much time has passed, as well as discussing the past. I hardly noticed that the book is in present tense, which is sometimes awkward at best, and horribly written at worst. Fortunately, neither of these is the case with Angelfall.

Not only is Ee talented in writing, she is talented in storytelling. Angelfall begins two months after an apocalyptic destruction of the world by angels. Society has gone to hell, and Ee wastes no time in jumping right in, and she doesn’t hold back. Some scenes are a little brutal and not for the sensitive stomach, but she also doesn’t dwell, moving past and shoving the storyline forward. You would think this would make the story seem forced, but it doesn’t. Because of the characters, their reactions (or lack-there-of), it seems to fit well and doesn’t detract from the reading at all.

There is a bit of suspension of disbelief, since society seems to have fallen very quickly in two months post-apocalypse. However, considering the wasteland that is the world, the depravity of some people in general, and considering the angels probably lay waste to half the world’s population, the world is also believable.

And, considering they’re angels, I was somewhat expecting some religious talk. Ee handles this well, managing to touch on the topic of angels and their roles in religion without turning the book into something preachy.

If I were any other kind of reviewer, I’d gush over this using gifs and other fun things, but truthfully I’m just not that kind of reviewer (it’s just plain not my style, although there are some damn amusing reviews of some books out there using nothing but gifs), but since I’m not, I’ll just say that I really, really loved this book and am very much looking forward to book two.

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