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The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda YAY! Finally, vampires that aren't sexy rock stars or sparkle-y twerps.

Review to come.

UPDATE 1 May 2012

To say I was excited about the lack of sparkle-y, drop-dead (heh) gorgeous, or otherwise pretty vampires would be an understatement. I was starting to lose hope for that ever happening again.

The book, for me, was a pretty quick read. It jumps right into the action and doesn't really stop. While there were some things I didn't quite like (lack of a background, for instance) I was willing to overlook those few things in favor of the bigger story.

I loved, loved, LOVED the drooling vamps. Loved them. The vamps in this story are not prissy, blend-in types. They are aggressive hunters that want human blood, and... Meat? Though I really did LOL at the fact that they eat ice cream for dessert (is it meat flavored?).

The plot itself moves along at a quick pace, but not so quick that I had any trouble keeping up. I never found myself backtracking or looking at my notes to try to remember what was going on. There were a few details that I just didn't understand (the weird armpit thing), and a few major plot points that were probably meant as twists but were completely transparent.

As far as the world-building, it was SEVERELY lacking. There is no explanation as to why the vampires are now the dominant population and humans, called hepers (which is really close too heifer, yes?), are now so close to extinction. We're given subtle hints that at one point humans ruled, but there's no apocalyptic event mentioned, nor does the novel come across as dystopian.

Gene and Ashley June are not exactly the nicest main characters, nor the most likeable. They're arrogant and incredibly judgemental.

I'm hoping in book two we get more world-building backstory (not necessarily because we need it, but because I think it would be interesting). I'm also hoping Gene and Ashley June become more humble and likeable.

NOTE: a copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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